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Dwarf Fortress World Map

Well I might as well go ahead and do it now that the New York Times has published an article on one of my favorite games: Dwarf Fortress. There's not much I can say about ToadyOne or ThreeToe that isn't already in the article or the game for that matter: it is the most complex game I have ever played but so much fun. Rather talk about the gameplay I think I would rather share some of the resources I use to make playing the game more fun.

The Wiki

The best resource out there is the Dwarf Fortress Wiki. From it's own description on the home page, it "is a collection of user-submitted guides, information and advice about Dwarf Fortress." You can find almost everything you could want to know about playing the game here from using burrows to staffing and training a military to information about the various flora and fauna that inhabit the game world. A few of my favorite listings in the Wiki:

May Green Tileset

I'm not terribly good at reading the matrix of ASCII characters that make up game play in the default install of DF so it's a good thing Dwarf Fortress is highly moddable and a number of people have put together tilesets to make the game easier on the eyes. One of my favorites is the May Green Tileset which is conveniently packaged up with DF in it's own little distribution called DFG. This distribution does not contain the music for the game so if you would like to listen to the sublime musical effects throughout the game you will have to download the original DF and modify the DFG distribution by copying the sound files to the correct location.

There are, of course, many other tilesets and mods out there, here is a short list:

DF Community

Dwarf Fortress has a great community so it is not surprising that there are tons of videos on YouTube about the game and how to play it. The DF Forums are also a good place to get advice from other players or to read some great stories about other peoples fortresses.

Dwarf Fortress is a complex game. Don't let the interface daunt you, there are tons of other resources and mods out there to make playing the game a little easier. I hope this short list of resources helps you enjoy the game that the cult has already found.