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Drupal 7 - An Annoying Error: Part the Second

This post refers to an earlier post titled Drupal 7 - An Annoying Error in which I claim to have found a fix to the annoying "comment_node_type_delete()" errors I would get when uninstalling a custom built content type. The solution I found works well when having a base value of "node_content" suits the method you are using to build your content type, such as using the Field API, but if you roll your own base type and delete your custom content type during uninstalling then you are bound to see this from time to time:


Drupal 7 - A Simple Content Type

Content types in Drupal are like data classes in that they can be designed to hold all of the information related to one story, article, or other type of content. There are two ways to create custom content types with Drupal 7: the Field UI and by coding up a module. Depending on your personal style and/or need, the Field UI may have everything you need to create the content type of your dreams.


Drupal 7 - An Annoying Error

One error I encountered early on in D7 development was an annoying one I would get when uninstalling a custom content-type:



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