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A Turn-based Strategy/RPG in Unity3D

I am new to Unity3D and C# so I have been working on making a small strategy game to learn both. I have decided to make the game about hunting and have been working on a procedural forest generator. There are two examples here: one with two types of trees and one with three. I plan on adding things like bushes and other small flora and non-organic items. I currently have the trees offset to one corner (randomized) of the hexagon it is placed in so that when the units move around the map they don't walk through the trees. This type of placement will also allow me to have multiple prop items in the same tile without them overlapping.

First Try

After Some Revisions

I added a settings screen and added a slew of new configurations to help make each forest generated unique. I plan on adding biomes in the future but for now the type of trees used in a forest are determined by the map's average yearly temperature and average yearly rainfall.

Two different forests are generated here with each going through 10 iterations of the growth cycle.

More to come!