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Drupal 7 - A Simple Content Type

Content types in Drupal are like data classes in that they can be designed to hold all of the information related to one story, article, or other type of content. There are two ways to create custom content types with Drupal 7: the Field UI and by coding up a module. Depending on your personal style and/or need, the Field UI may have everything you need to create the content type of your dreams.


Drupal 7 - An Annoying Error

One error I encountered early on in D7 development was an annoying one I would get when uninstalling a custom content-type:


The Vendor-Client Relationship: Real-world Scenarios

I think this video sums up the way many programmers/developers/designers feel about the vendor-client relationship as it would relate to real-world situations. I've heard many a story about clients behaving just this way when contracting for web design or development work.

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Achron - Multiplayer Time Travel RTS

An amazing concept for a game. Using time travel to change the course of events in a battle has always been the realm of the saved game. For many, the last greatest step in time travel came with the invention of auto-save; no longer forced to concentrate on remembering to save the game, gamers were actually able to play again. Of course this wouldn't work in multiplayer games as any changes made to your game were also made to your opponent's. Well, no longer.


Build a Navigation Menu Using Design Patterns

Download the source for the Navigation Menu.

Goal: This easy project will combine powerful tools with some simple components to produce a flexible navigation menu capable of displaying horizontally or vertically with never-ending submenus.

The Composite Pattern

Download the source for the Composite Pattern or get it on Github.

The Iterator Pattern

Download the source for the Iterator Pattern or get it on Github.