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Moving Forward with Javascript: Back to Basics - Part II

Part II - The Basics?

Check out Part I - Before the Basics

Now that you have some tools to get you started let’s climb into the shallow end of the swimming pool and start working our way over to the deep end. This post is the second part of the Moving Forward with JavaScript: Back to Basics series where we explore the tutorials at NodeSchool NodeSchool as a way to explore the fundamentals of modern web development.

Moving Forward with Javascript: Back to Basics

I have been exploring a few front-end JavaScript frameworks recently and during my research have come across more than a couple references to developers using frameworks as a crutch rather than learning the fundamentals and basics of the language they are using.

Procedural Forest Generation - How I Did it

After posting my videos of the procedural forest generator, a commentor asked:

That's really neat man, nice work! I'm curious about the procedural world generation - did you do that part yourself, or was there a good library for it for Unity?

Drupal 7 - Workflow improvement for settings.php

Handling the multiple copies of Drupal's settings.php file needed for each site, between the development, staging, and live environments, can be a bit of a hassle. Database settings and other configurations almost always vary from environment to environment so having a simple way to manage these differences would be fantastic. Always on the look out for work-flow improvements, I had heard about this gem at DrupalCon Denver in March but had yet to implement it in any of my projects.


Drupal with Virtual Hosts

Everybody's development environment is unique to them: some use Vim while others may use Dreamweaver or Notepad, some develop on a Mac while others use a PC or Linux box. The tools you use, by and large, should speed up delivery and increase the quality of your finished product. Your technology toolbox should always be growing as you learn about and add new possibilities for making your life easier. So for the lazy out there, using Virtual Hosts on your web server should be a no-brainer. So what is a Virtual Host? The Apache Software Foundation says:

The Marketo Munchkin Module

Recently I became a maintainer for the Marketo Munchkin module. We have just released v2 for the 7.x branch of the module and have added a new feature which allows you to submit data about potential Leads to your account at There are plans to port v2 back to the 6.x branch as well as for adding more features. See the module page for more info.


Customer Service - Food for Thought

Before I came to Enspire Learning, I spent years working as a chef and restaurant owner. I’m frequently struck by the degree to which working for a learning provider is like working at a restaurant. Some restaurants sling pre-packaged value meals. Some learning providers do that, too, while others prepare sumptuous feasts created specifically for the person or business consuming them.

Drupal Camp Austin 2010 - Day 2

The line-up for today: