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About Me

Who am I?

My name is Andrew Page. I am one of the Senior Technology Developers at Enspire in Austin, Texas. I spend much of my time focused on providing technical solutions for innovative and engaging user experiences, mainly in the e-learning sphere. I get to work with a variety of tools, applications, and technologies and have contributed to many successful projects for clients such as Janus, Cisco, AMD, Honda, and Dell.

Before I began working in software development I was a chef for many years in both Washington, D.C. and Austin. I did everything in the kitchen and spent time as a pastry chef at New Heights in DC, I was a one-man cooking show at a bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg, TX, and I owned my own restaurant for time outside Austin. In between cooking and computers I was a mover, a landscaper, and a shoe salesman among other things. I think I like working with computers the best.

Why Pangus?
Urban Dictionary defines 'pangus' as (among other things):

"Legend, King, Master of all"

Is this really where I got the name? Not at all. But I'll take it.

So Who am I, really?
Well, here’s the quick and dirty:

  • Currently residing in Austin, Texas
  • Aquarian
  • Over the legal voting age, under retirement age
  • Avid gamer
  • Food lover